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    ACC’s Dental Assisting II is a one-year diploma program that begins each Fall semester. It is a limited enrollment program. There is both a Day Program option and an Evening Program option. Students admitted to the Evening option are subject to the same admission and progression criteria as Day option students. Please note that meeting minimum requirements for the Dental Assisting II Program does not guarantee admission. The Dental Assisting diploma curriculum prepares individuals to assist the dentist in the delivery of dental treatment and to function as integral members of the dental team while performing chair-side and related office and laboratory procedures.

    Course work includes instruction in general studies, biomedical sciences, dental sciences, clinical sciences, and clinical practice. A combination of lecture, laboratory, and clinical experiences provide students with knowledge in infection/hazard control, radiography, dental materials, preventive dentistry, and clinical procedures.

    Dental Assisting II is a selective admissions program. Enrollment is limited. Students applying for Dental Assisting II admission will be classified as Pre-Dental Students until they have met the admission requirements and are officially admitted into the Dental Assisting II curriculum. All applicants must have completed the following minimum requirements:

    1.)  Submitted an application and/or change of major form indicating Dental Assisting Program as their major of study

    2.)  Submitted all high school and college transcripts

    3.)  Attended a Mandatory Information Session . To find out when the next available session is, please contact 336-506-4270 Admissions and the staff will be able to assist you.

    4.)  Met the minimum admission requirements listed on the Fall 2017 Pre-Dental Student Checklist and submitted an updated Dental Program Checklist on or before 01-31-17.

    Graduates of this program will receive a Dental Assisting II diploma.

    In NC, there are two classifications of dental assisting: DAI and DAII. Upon graduation, our graduates are classified as a DAII, and are able to legally perform all NC Board Approved Expanded Functions. Please see regarding specific rules and regulations for dental assistants in our state.



    Day Program begins Fall of each year  

    Evening Program begins every other Fall - next program begins Fall 2017

    Application Deadline:



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