A Variety of Application Software

Installed Software in Skills Lab



Abbyy Fine Reader                                                    - - - -                                 Desktop Icon, Computer Lab            

     (OCR text scanning software)


Cisco Packet Tracer                                                    WS#4, 8, 12, 20, 24, 25, 30, 35, 40            CIS folder


Dragon Naturally Speaking                                       WS #25                            Desktop Icon, room 353

               v. 12.0


Epson Scan                                                                   - - - -                                 Desktop Icon, Computer Lab

     (Picture/graphic scanning software)


FSReader                                                                     WS #25                            Desktop Icon, room 353

       (eBook reader)


General Ledger Software v. 7     All WS #             Accounting folder


ITTS                                                                               All WS #                           log-in on toolbar of new browser window

     (TABE, Pre-GED, GED)


JAWS                                                                            WS #25                            Desktop Icon, room 353

     (Text reading software)


Libre Office v. 3.4                                                      All WS #                           Desktop Icon, designed for use with Linux

     (Base, Calc, Draw, Impress, Math, Writer, Office)


Maple 13 (Engineering)                                            All WS #                           Math folder


Microsoft Silverlight                                                  All WS #                           Start menu, then go to All Programs
     (Visual streaming media application)


Microsoft Visual Studio                                             All WS #                           Start menu, then go to All Programs
     (Software development)


MS Office Professional 2010                                    WS #1-25                        Desktop Icon


MS Office Professional 2013                                    WS #26-40                      Desktop Icon


Open Proj                                                                    WS #26-30                      Desktop Icon


Peachtree Accounting 2011                                    All WS #                           Accounting folder


Peachtree Knowledge Center                                 All WS #                           Accounting folder


Python v. 3.3                                                              WS #25                            CIS folder


Quickbasic                                                                    All WS #                           CIS folder


QuickBooks 2014                                                       WS #4, 24, 30                 Accounting folder


Real Alternative                                                         All WS #                           Start menu, then go to All Programs
     (Media player software)


RET Screen                                                                   WS #36-40                      Desktop Icon (Sustainable Energy projects)


Rosetta Stone                                                             All WS #                           log-in on toolbar of new browser window

     (Latin American Spanish)                                                                               ****Internet Explorer only****


SAM 2013                                                                    All WS #                           log-in on toolbar of new browser window


Skill Builder Pro                                                          WS#26-30                       Desktop Icon


SNAP 2010                                                                  All WS #                           log-in on toolbar of new browser window


Visual Basic 2010                                                        All WS #                           CIS folder


X-Paint                                                                         WS#26-30                       Desktop Icon


ZoomText v. 9.1                                                         WS #16, 25                     Desktop Icon

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