Policies to Protect and Respect All Users

Academic Skills Lab users must follow the College's Acceptable Use Policy for Computer Workstations and Use of Personal Computer Software statements. Violators will be disciplined according to the Student's Rights and Responsibilities and Criminal Activity Reporting policies. All are found in the ACC Student Handbook. (Click on gold link to download PDF file to your computer.)

General Guidelines

• Current students, former students, ACC staff and faculty may use the workstations in the Academic Skills Lab.

• Use of lab workstations for academic purposes is a priority. Use of lab workstations for nonacademic purposes (e.g., e-mail, Web surfing) is a privilege and may be denied. SOCIAL MEDIA NOT ALLOWED.

• There is a $.05 charge per page for black & white printing or copying. Color printing charge TBD. Use of lab printer/copier for nonacademic purposes (e.g., e-mail, Web pages, pictures) is a privilege and may be denied. SOCIAL MEDIA NOT ALLOWED.

• Each person using a lab workstation and/or tutoring room must log his/her name, course or reason for using lab services, time in and time out.

• Problems with workstations, printer, or copier should be communicated to the lab staff.

• No food or drink is allowed in the computer lab.

Software Installation

• System software (e.g. Windows) and application software (e.g. Microsoft Office) and the respective versions of each software installed on, or to be installed on, lab computers is the responsibility of the Information Technology Committee and/or the Information Services Department.

• No unauthorized software may be installed on or downloaded to any lab computer.

• No software may be uninstalled or deleted from any lab computer.

• Requests for additional or different application software should be submitted to the Coordinator of the Skills Lab. The coordinator will determine which requests will be forwarded to the appropriate department.

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